Cantabile GP-500 Sustain pedal 1-2s hickup after releasing and reapplying pedal

Dear colleagues, our GP-500 started behaving strangely: when I release the sustain pedal for a fraction of a second and press the pedal down again, for the next one or two seconds the sustain is still off. And all of sudden, it starts sustaining again correctly.

When I release the sustain pedal for a longer period of time (1 s is already enough) and then press it, the sustain is there immediately after pressing the pedal.

There is no external equippment connected to the piano. No modifications have been performed on the frimware. Since the purchase the piano has been working flawlesly until now.

So this has very probably nothing to do with the wiring or the mechanics of the pedal switch itself. As an electronics guy I’d guess there is a trouble in the electronics for the electr. debouncing of the pedal switch.
Will be thankful for any tipps/tricks!

Hi marsalek and Welcome to the Forum! :slight_smile:

If I’m not mistaken you are referring to a Casio GP-500? Does it happen stand alone (no Cantabile)? It looks like it has 3 pedals, have you tested the other pedals? Are you using bindings to connect the pedal to Cantabile? Let us know a bit more about how you are set up and we’ll try to help. It sure sounds like a hardware issue to me in the switch pedal itself but I can’t be sure.



Hi Dave, thank you for your reaction! I am referring to Classic Cantabile GP-500

It has 3 pedals. The pedals are connected with a Molex connector to the main board on the underside of the piano.
I am reluctant to believe it has a mechanical fault, as there is the 1 second “no sustain” after having the pedal released only for a fraction of a second. When released for a longer time, the sustain comes as soon as the pedal is pressed.

Ah, then I am sorry, @marsalek but it seems that you have come to the wrong place. This forum is for Cantabile Software, a plugin host used to play live with virtual instruments.