Cantabile for Linux?

Just curious… would it ever happen?? COULD it ever happen? Could Win plugins live inside of it? I’m not very familiar with the Linux world but it sounds like it has many advantages over Win, and Mac too. Apart, of course, from the fact that not so much is being developed for it.

I feel like my entire life is complicated enough without another project, LOL ! :clock3::clock7::clock830::clock130::rofl:

@ Fred - yep and thats the thing it SEEMS like it would be terrific, but in reality it is a total PITA hahaha! Mind you my trialling experience was a few years back, but I have seen nothing since that really make me think it is ever going to be as seamless as Windows/Mac

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Hi @FredProgGH,

I don’t have any plans to support Linux. macOS - definitely (working on that right now), but just not enough demand for Linux.

That said, Wine might be a possibility. I’ve seen it done with Cantabile 2, but not Cantabile 3 yet - see here.