Cantabile first impressions: Wow!

I’m new to Cantabile I’ve been playing around with the 64-bit demo of Cantabile Performer demo version a few days now, and my first impression is: Wow

I use Sonar Platinum as my main DAW. This is a very extensive program, really too extensive and complicated to use in a live setting (with only myself behind the buttons), so it is so refreshing to work with a program that has been created specifically for live performance.

So far, the program does everything I am looking for as a keyboard player. And every time I think “It must be possible do to x” and go looking in the manual or in this forum: indeed, it IS possible. I haven’t used Cantabile on stage yet but will start using it during band practice very soon once I got all my racks and songs configured. I’m sure I will find some point for improvement as I go along but my compliments to Brad and his team!

Happy keyboarding!


We’re a dedicated lot of users over here. Have been using it since 2009 for backing tracks, light show and for a long time running NI B4II

Currently planning to use it more, especially with my arsenal of VSTis!


Hi @hermanoantequera

Thanks! Glad you’re enjoying Cantabile.


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Thanks for the stickers, @Brad. One is already in place and I’ll sure I’ll find a good spot for the other one :smile: