Cantabile does not like Document folder on another Drive

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Hi, Brad

Today I did a backup and moved my Documents folder from C: to E: as I was running out of space on C: and moving my /Users/Derek/Documents folder (via the Explorer location move function) got me some much needed space back until I can move to a larger main SSD drive for C: (programs) and D (Samples).

Anyhow, when I started up Cantabile after doing this, it crashed (I’ve sent the crash reports). I am guessing because it could not find the last set list. When I restarted with the “Do Not Load Last Song Option” it started fine, and I could then load set lists and songs as normal once I navigated to them in their new location

However, Cantabile is not finding the new location of my Documents folder and is creating a new Documents folder in the old location on C: and of course it defaults to this on File/Open not the new location

It’s not the end of the world, but it would be nice for Cantabile to recognise the new location (e.g. like applications like WordPad do)

Not sure about auto recognition but did you check the C♪3 File Locations in options, you can set things there. The way I redirected my Documents folder was to use the location option in propertiies and then moving the files after.

Hi, Dave

Doh, I did not think about checking Cantabile’s options for the default location!

I did redirect the location of my documents folder via the property dialog as you show above.

I’ve found a couple of other things that don’t like it. Synapse Audio’s Dune is one of them. Although it sounds like if I reinstall it, it might then pick it up (or I could check the registry to see if it is set there)