Cantabile dissappeared from my phone

A couple days ago my Cantabile app disappeared from my Samsung S22. It’s back after I reinstalled it, but I didn’t remove it in the first place. Something else did.

Anyone else have this issue recently?

I’m not sure “that” Cantabile is “this” Cantabile…


Hi @Shall,

“This” Cantabile doesn’t run on a Samsung device - it’s windows desktop only software. Care to clarify what you mean?



Are you referring to the link which opens this forum directly, without need to go through the web browser?


Edit: if this is the case, it never happened to me, and I have got a Samsung device.

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You’re right, I’m wrong. Sorry for the confusion. I was conflating the forum link with the app.

I’ve been trying to follow conversations, until I could get Cantabile, but now it seems I’m just causing confusion.
I shouldn’t be here. I havent even caught up to speed on the equipment and software I have yet, so I have no business taking on more at this point.

Best of luck to everyone here, but I have to go.

Folks here are knowledgeable, helpful and patient. Just tell us what you’re struggling with and let’s try to help.

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