Cantabile default equalizer

Hello everyone.
I am focusing in reduce the complexity of my own racks. So I wish in Cantabile a default audio equalizer for each instrument in a rack. In other words, I’m no wishing an eq that is viewed as a plugin, but an eq as a part of Cantabile structure. The knobs of that equalizer should be next to the current knobs of volume, pan and wet / dry of each loaded VSTi. Like a channel strip as in another DAWs, where the eq is included.

This would improve the mixes of my songs without the need to add extra plugins to my racks, just my synths and some players. Not for saving CPU, but for get simplicity in my racks and songs.
What do You (and Brad) think?
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Unless there’s other demand for something like this I’m not too keen on the idea. Any form of audio manipulation is something I prefer leave to plugins so that the functionality can be swapped out to user’s preference.

Anyone else interested in something like this?


I agree with you Brad - and there would always be someone who wants the EQ controls to work a little differently.

I’d rather endow racks with say 3 knobs that appear between the fader and level meter (like with plugins for wet/dry, pan etc), which appear within the rack’s binding sources as knob1-3. Then you could put whatever EQ you like in your rack, hook it up, and have the “front panel” simplicity of integrated EQ controls. But similarly the knobs could control reverb or whatever. I know this is very close to a feature request I made some time ago, for rack’s having user-definable front panels, but it sort of seems appropriate here.

I can imagine it being useful for some kinds of instrument racks, e.g. an electric piano rack, where you might want to select the piano type from the preset dropdown, then fine-tune it with an treble/bass knobs (and maybe the user could make the 3rd chorus or whatever). So you’d get a tailored sound without having to go in and tweak the internals.


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I think better not.
Keep the software clean from effects?
Although I do use ReaEQ, a very nice EQ from Reaper. Works well and low latency/CPU.

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