Cantabile cue/tempo lights

Programmable cue lights.

I originally designed and made these boxes for one of the bands I work with, but I was asked to make another for a local recording studio who use it to cue performers. It will work with any DAW.

The box as a whole will respond to any single MIDI channel, or can be set to omni. Each light can be set to any MIDI note or controller number.

Each light will respond in brightness to MIDI note velocity or controller value. An overall brightness can be set.

All powered from a USB connection. 5-pin MIDI or USB operation.

For myself I have the lower red/blue lights blinking along with Cantabile’s Beat/Measures and the other four lights to cue me in from bindings set to points along the Timeline (usually counting down from right to left). Other guys in the band have their own settings - one has a red light warning him where his volume pedal is set and the white lights set between him and another player to hand over solos by pressing the lowest note on a keyboard.

I even have one player using one to cue actors in panto this year!