Cantabile crashing

I am experiencing crashes on a quite regular basis over the last month or so. I suspect that it may be related to Kontakt Player version 7. I recently invested in NI’s Session Bassist - Icon Bass, which is brilliant, by the way! It necessitated upgrading from Kontakt Payer 6, and the crashes first started as I updated all my songs to use Icon Bassist in place of the
Halion SE bass guitar equivalents, so at first I thought it might be Icon Bass which is the problem. But where I have songs without any bass guitar at all, I am still doing the Player upgrade, and the crashes still happen. I haven’t noticed a specific trigger, but Cantbile simply closes down, disappearing completely. Also while playing a song I have started getting a lot of hanging notes, and occasionally I get a continuous mains hum buzz.

Has anyone else had this?