Cantabile crashing when switching or loading songs

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My cantabile is sometimes crashing when I load (or switch to) songs.

image .

I suspect that my OP-X PRO-II is causing it but not sure as I have been using this plugin for a while now without any problems. (193.2 KB)

edit: uploaded logs

edit 2: Cantabile version is 3.0 Build 3667 (x64). OPX is version 1.2.6

Try updating to version OP-X 1.31 and see if that helps. There have been other questions on this and that is what was done to help it.

OK. I solved this issue after updating BOTH OPX (to v.1.3.1) and Cantabile (to the latest version 4). OPX v1.3.1 with my old version of Cantabile v3 was still giving me this problem.