Cantabile crashes

I have experienced only two crashes in my trial period while playing, but that is enough to avoid using Cantabile in a public performance. Both times i sent the corresponding generated data, but i still don’t know the origin of the crashes.
How could i know what happened in order to prevent it to happen again?

Hi @barrabasito,

you could try to look at the log file. After a crash, restart Cantabile and then use the menu
Tools->Open Setting Folder to access the folder where the log resides.
The log of the previous session (the one that crashed) is called log-previous.txt.

Some hint about the crash can sometimes be found at the end of the log. You can also post the log here (if you are not allowed yet to attach files, you can put the log on a cloud and post the link) so we could try to help.




If you have troubles posting logs, you can send a mail to attaching them, I’ll publish the logs here for you. It’s a temporary relay-mailbox that I can delete when no longer necessary.

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It’s ok, next time I will link to the log.
Besides the application crashes that generate a report, i am also experiencing audio crashes, that distort all audio that is being generated. I have to restart audio engine to restore audio. But no report is generated in that case.

Please let us know more info, like Windows version, audio interface model and driver, the VSTs you are using, etc. etc.

Cantabile crash rarely happens if either the PC and its configuration OK. So, more info, the better.

Issues like that can be frustrating, I just went through some PC issues myself, but totally unrelated to Cantabile. FWIW I, and many others on this site, have been gigging with Cantabile for many years.

I personally never had an issue with it at all.
I did have one issue with the PC itself once, but a quick reboot was able to get me through the gig (The offender was an AVG update even though I had previously set AVG to be disabled.). That said, most of us have a backup rig. Just like how I carried a backup amp back in the day.

As suggested, info and even screenshots of all your settings in Tools may be helpful. Sounds like you have something else significant going on, maybe with your PC, interface or driver etc. You’ll find that there are a lot of very talented and experienced folk on here who will help you. Including Brad, the developer.

Here is a recent log, where you can see my hw/sw setup

And here is the link to the 2 crash reports

Hmm, the logs in themselves aren’t very helpful - simply state “An exception has occurred”. And I’m not going to get into the crash dumps - that’s something for @brad who has the Cantabile source code…

Given that you also have issues with audio distortions, I would first suspect the audio interface. I generally prefer interfaces with an ASIO driver instead of WASAPI; pretty much all professional-level audio interfaces provide ASIO drivers.

In your files, I only see a very generic audio interface name (USB Audio / SPDIF interface) - can you tell us what kind of interface this is?

If you have the chance to use a different audio interface (there are pretty decent options for all budget levels, or you can borrow one from a friend), can you check if the crashes persist?




Thanks Torsten. I use a DAC named Ding Shine D2-mini. I chose it because its small size. I can try a Behringer interface to check if the problem is there.

I had a look at this one - looks more like a bog-standard vanilla chinaware D/A converter rather than a true live-ready audio interface. I get that you like it for its form factor, but I wouldn’t really use something like that for live operation.

I you’re looking for the super-small form factor: I’ve been experimenting with the ESI UGM192 over the last couple of weeks - looks promising so far. Super-small, with a microphone and a High-Z input (guitar) and (so far) decent performance, but only a headphone out (but that can definitely be used as a normal stereo output). Haven’t used it in a gig situation yet; that’s where I mostly rely on my trusty old RME Babyface - but that’s a completely different price league… I’ll probably just stick the UGM in my laptop bag so I have a simple guitar- and keys setup always available.



I had a look at the crash reports and it looks like a crash on the WASAPI audio thread. I don’t have access to the Cantabile debug symbol server right now so I can’t tell if this is a Cantabile issue or something else so I’ll need to take a closer look next week.

In the meantime, did the audio interface come with an ASIO driver? If so, try that. Otherwise try a generic ASIO driver like asio4all might get you by.


The DAC side of the Behringer HD series is decent. Even the ADC is decent if you know where the sweet spots are. The driver is bare bones, but stable and fast. I’d be surprised if it doesn’t work with the Behringer. As for Chinese DACs I have a Topping 120 and its nice hardware but the driver blows chunks…have to run it optical in only.

Hi Brad. Only WASAPI driver is available.
Maybe increasing buffer size might help too? That’s what i am checking at the moment (it is still under 512)

It looks nice, thanks

Download and install ASIO4ALL (from here) and it should appear as a new driver that you can configure to use your existing sound card.

I just had another full crash. This time with a Behringer UMC202HD (ASIO driver)

I use UMC202HD’s for my live rigs - they are rock solid using driver version 5.12.0 on Windows 10 so I think you can concentrate on other components of your setup to find the source of the crash.



I had a look at the crash report. Crash was in VB3:


Make sure you’ve got the latest version of the plugins and if the problem persists, report it to GSi.


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