Cantabile crashes as often as Ableton Live

Sad to say, but this is my case :crying_cat_face:

I am quite sure that my hybrid system (work and hobbies) is the culprit, but I cannot set a dedicated PC for music

Bitwig is the only DAW that never crashed, due to its plugin sandboxing, but it never recognized my controllers and many plugins I need, so it’s no more an option

I tried all DAWs with a demo and hated all them

Cantabile was the last resort before giving-up with computer music

I thought about using it just for jamming, keeping Ableton to build more complex songs, but I cannot export Scaler status from Cantabile, so rebuilding a raw song in Ableton is hard or impossible

And Cantabile crashes a lot without issuing any error message :cold_face:

I always let it sending the log file, but who knows if it will be ever useful?

Cantabile crashes are mostly caused by VST plugins. You should try adding them one at a time and see if you can identify the culprits.

Yes, I know that is usually the reason

Nevertheless, both Ableton and Cantabile almost always crash after one hour or more jamming like a breeze with the same plugins…
and this is strange

and sometimes they crash just closing the program, and I realize there was a crash when I restart them, only

I think by saying that you have already understood what the big problem is.

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Hi @ClaudioPorcellana,

Thanks for reporting this. I just looked at the crash reports you’ve sent. 6 total.

  • 4x were crashes in Chordz,
  • 1x in VG_SILK and
  • 1x shortly after unloading VG-AMBER2 - which often means the plugin didn’t clean up something properly.
  • 1x in VG-AMBER2 shutdown.


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Whilst I do have the odd crash, I have done a lot of gigs with Cantabile and it has never crashed on stage, and I have a fairly complex setup.

I would suggest you jam with a plugin at a time and see if one causes more instability than another.

So, the solution is stopping using Chordz, Silk, Amber?

Unfortunately, in 5 years I selected a very limited number of plugins I love, and I cannot eliminate them because there are no alternatives (Chordz) or I dislike the alternatives

It means I must cope with crashes, forever

Thanks for assistance to everybody

P.S. why yesterday I was able to jam, without any crash, for a couple of hours, with ALL THOSE rogue plugins remains a mystery to me

P.S. I almost always use Broomstick Bass, a notorious rogue plugin, and it’s not in the list? Amazing :thinking:

Brad has identified the issue as being specifically tied to some plugins on your system. I’d like to suggest running those plugins inside some kind of ‘prophylactic’, like Metaplugin by DDMF.


Thanks, but it seems another complication to me :cold_face:

Actually, I suspect that my ideal stuff could be an arranger keyboard, but I don’t have the money/space to buy it, so I have to accept DAW crashes

Sure. Sorry for asking, but are you using 64 bit versions or 32 bit bridged?

My PC is 64Bit and all plugins are 64bit, apart BB that is bridged to 64bit, if I got correctly your question

And that’s the plugin you say is notorious? You’re going to think this is nuts, but you might want to try bridging your other crashing plugins, as listed by Brad above.

Nope, because my “other crashing plugins” are all 64bit so no need to bridge them

I think the point being made by @ade is sometimes a bridged 32 bit plugin has proved to be more stable an a 64 bit.

I haven’t seen that for a while, but worth a try if you are having problems that you cannot resolve.

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So, are you suggesting to use iBridge to make 32bit a native 64bit plugin?
I never realized one can do that :thinking:

No, I am saying take the 32 bit version (if it exists) and let Cantabile JBRIDGE it and see if it is more stable

Ah, OK
I don’t think it exists, but I have to check their website

Actually, IIRC, you can bridge a 64 bit plug in to 64 bit.

I’ve also started experiencing more frequent Cantabile Performer crashes, which used to be quite rare. They always occur when switching between songs in a playlist. Doesn’t seem to me to be a pattern. I always send a crash report and then bring up Cantabile again normally and all is well. I have a dedicated Windows 11 pro PC I7 with 32GB memory with two 2TB internal SSDs which I’ve filled (leaving some free on the C drive) and overflowed into a fast USB external SSD. It’s not a big deal at this point, just curious.

Thanks to everybody

I think I debugged Ableton Live crashes, and possibly Cantabile ones

my UJAM guitars 2nd version suck most of my 16GB :scream_cat:

I explained it here with 3 pictures

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