Cantabile can't install on windows server 2016


Have been playing with cantabile lite for a year or so, and i’m about to purchase the performer version, but recently realiced that no longer can install over windows server. Last version i instaled Win Server2016 was 3630 x64 that worked perfectly. Since then "Cantabile cant be installed as it required windows 7, windows 8 or windows 10 (Aniversary Upd.).
My question is, will this restriction continue in the future? Im realy interested in running in windows server


Cantabile isn’t officially supported on Window Server 2016 - but should run. The main requirement on Windows is that it supports .NET Framework 4.7.1 or later - which Windows Server 2016 does - so it should work.

In the error message that’s displayed when you try to install it, what does it say the “Reported Windows version” is? Let me know and I look into updating the installer.

In the meantime, you can probably install it using the .zip file package available here.



Reported Windows version is 10.0.14393
Framework .net 4.7.1 was installed
Updated to Framework .net 4.7.2 and still couldn’t install
Tried the compatibility mode in windows 7 and 8 with no luck. In this case reported win version changed.
The .zip files worked perfect.
Thank you for your fast answer.

Marcelo Garassino


Hi Marcelo,

Thanks for the info - I’ve updated the installer so this should work with the next release.



Installed the 3641 without problems in windows server. Thx.