Cantabile Batch Editor 1.3 Released

Hi all,

I just released version 1.3 of Cantabile Batch Editor. The marquee new feature of this version is a ‘Copy Bindings’ command. This was suggested by a user. I didn’t ask for his permission to use his name, but he is welcome to chime in here if he wants to claim credit :grinning:

Here is a full list of changes:

  • New Copy Bindings Command.
  • Colorize commands now support modifying rack files.
  • Double-clicking a file name opens it in Cantabile. The File name tooltip now indicates this.
  • “Files changed” status messages are now singular when only one file was changed.
  • Full Support for Cantabile 4.0
  • Changed default Cantabile.exe path to Cantabile 4’s default path.

Download version 1.3

Let me know if have any suggestions/issues.



Thank you.
That will be surely useful !

Thanks a lot for the update!

Thanks, Tom.