Cantabile as VST for Microphone insert to Voicemeeter - Random Distortion

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Hi there,

I have been using Cantabile Free for some months now since a video on Youtube recommended it to be used to pass my microphone through it as an “insert” for VST’s and then back to Voicemeeter (sorry If that makes absolutely no sense!).

Anyway, It works fine. I am able to apply a gate, EQ and compression to my microphone and then it passes back to Voicemeeter for me to do what ever I want to do with it.

It seems though that randomly, something will cause distortion and my voice sounds distorted. If I turn off Cantabile (by either pressing the “power” button or just closing it), my voice sounds normal (just with out the VST’s). As soon as I re-enable Cantabile, the distortion comes back. The only way I have found to fix it is to reboot my computer.

Unplugging the microphone and plugging back in does nothing. I am using an AT2020USB. All of my audio devices are set to 44.1/16bit. I am at a loss as to what is causing it.

I have posted a short clip of me speaking showing the sound of the distortion:


I have a few videos on doing what you describe on my YouTube channel, and the distortion seems to be caused by Voicemeeter and Cantabile starting up “out of sync” with each other, making that nasty distorted or robot-voice noise. Sometimes just quickly clicking Cantabile’s “power button” on and off quickly will catch at the right moment and they will fall into sync, and stay in sync after that from my experience. Still, I have no idea how to make it happen less often, and do sometimes have to reboot or at least restart both programs. Sometimes the sequence or order of program startups helps, it seems.


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That flicking of the switch thing actually worked!

Thank you so much.

Will be checking your videos out too! Thank you for your help Terry!

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Hi Terry, has there been any further movement in this area? I’m able to get rid of this using the power toggle workaround, but it’s quite a common occurrence! Is there a permanent fix I’ve missed anywhere? Thanks for the help

Not yet, but the power toggle at least does work! :confused:

It is still so darn powerful that it is quite worthwhile even with this shortcoming.


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Fully agreed, appreciate the reply!