Cantabile + Apple M1/M2 + Crossover / Rosetta 2


Anyone know if it’s possible to run Cantabile on Apple M1/M2 with Crossover or Rosetta 2?

I’m upgrading 4 x Windows machines and would make a jump to M1/M2 if Cantabile will work with it.



As I understand it, Cantabile is a Windows only program.

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You will find a related thread on te forum.

Thanks for that. I think I can borrow an M2 to see how it works. I decided to custom build a couple of PCs for Cantabile for now. Much appreciated!



A macOS port has been on @brad’s roadmap for a long time, but has been de-prioritized.

see here:

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Yep, I used to get a lot of enquiries about mac version, but they’ve pretty much dried up and I’m having a hard time justifying the time to port it now.


Hi Brad -

Keep in mind that requests may have dried up because Mac users had been frustrated with the wait, and moved on to alternative hosts on the Mac. I voted for the Mac port years ago (as did significant numbers of others), but moved on after a port never materialized and was later de-prioritized. This does not mean I no longer wish for a Mac port (I would definitely rekindle my Cantabile usage on the Mac). I’d hedge a guess that I’m not alone. Unless your customers can re-vote periodically, I think you are missing your opportunity by saying that requests have dried-up.


Huh, porting to Mac, my secret dream. :slightly_smiling_face:

But that’s not going to happen, since the Win version is @Brad’s full time job.

Also, Cantabile is very much based on .NET. I don’t think it would be easy to port. Not to mention the effort required to develop and maintain both Win and Mac versions.
The point is: Brad is not the Steinberg, Native Instruments, IK, etc.


.NET isn’t the problem as these days it runs pretty much everywhere (Windows, Linux, Mac even Raspi).

The bigger problem is everything else OSX related.

I was pretty heavily invested in using Cantabile until I got a mac and had to switch - would love to come back if it ever became supported