Cantabile and "Surface Go"

Hi, has anyone tried cantabile on a “Surface GO”?
Currently I have an asus laptop with a second generation i7 and I would really like to use a surface, but the PRO really cost too much.
I know the power is limited, but the portability intrigues me.
In your opinion, could it be okay?
(… of course I speak of the 8GB RAM / 128 SSD version …)

I think it is not strong enough for this…

First is my i7 (Surface Pro 3) and I use it for Cantabile (but no Audio) and all Light-Progs

Only Problem with the i7 is (…I think) when use with audio also everytime in High CPU-Mode
the machine has to cool down the temperature and sometimes it will be very hot…
in my case I use it permanently with 35% and that is easy to handle for the machine without its fan…

But I think if you realy could have stable audio on the smaler Pad… it will be very hot all the time and thats not a real good Idea…(normaly the machine then clock’s down the speed)

it is better to have air upward

Personally when I looked into this last year, I went the NUC PC and GeChic Monitor route (recommended by Neil). The cost of a high end Surface actually worked out more expensive and it had more limited IO, memory and disk space.

I’ve deployed 5 Surface Pros this past month. It’s a bit of status thing for sales reps. All but one were the 8GB i5 256GB for $1000, the other one was fully loaded 16GB i7 512 for $1700 which is too much money and not enough speed and storage in my opinion. The GeChic is a bit pricey but I also think it paired with a NUC is the ultimate Cantabile setup.

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That was my conclusion after doing my homework and seeking the advice of this forum. :slight_smile:

The GeChic is not cheap, but it is a lovely display that can provide a remote touch interface to the PC in my rac, and as I mentioned above, compared to the cost of a high end (and inferior in specs) Surface Pro, the combination worked out cheaper and with more performance/memory/SSD space.

My Gig Rack Guide on this page shows you what I did.

Thanks to everyone for the advice