Cantabile and Kontakt's script editor

Running Kontakt 6 on a Windows 11 laptop within Cantabile for gigging.

I’m trying to recreate the organ sound for The Who’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again” using Kontakt’s script editor to add an arpeggiator for the repeating 8th notes. (Yes, I know how Townsend did it and I even have two different ARP vst’s but it’s a royal pain in the ass and the arpeggiator is a lot quicker to set up.)

But I’m doing something wrong. I open the factory script for the arp, make the changes I need to steps, duration, etc. and have it dialed in exactly how I want but as soon as I close the Kontakt window within Cantabile, it stops working. In fact it kills all sound from the instrument. The MIDI signal is reaching the instrument, but no sound is output once I close the Kontakt window.

There has to be a step I’m missing. If I reopen the editor and recreate the script, the one I already did is no longer showing up, it works again but the minute I close the window - zilch.

Am I missing a step to “save” the script or something like that?

Hi Allen,

On your Kontakt plugin do you have the state behaviors set to “Entire Bank”? Just trying to see how you have it configured. Sometimes setting it to that instead of “Selected Program” will clear things up.