Cantabile and Alesis Vortex 2


Thank you everyone it is now working as I wanted thanks to all your help Dave Dore’s last suggestion worked for what I was trying to do .


Good to hear Clint, time to make music!!! :musical_keyboard:



is the gyroscope more usable in the V2 ?


Do you mean the tilt control ? Not sure what you mean by gyroscope . But V2 is the only version I have had and so far no problems with it


yes tilt control, I disabled it on the v1 because it’s useless


I haven’t tried it yet but it might come in handy adding a vibrato effect .I just move around to much with my controller to want to use it though . Pitch bend wheel and touch bar are plenty for me .plus all the sliders can be used for different things .I am sure someone uses it .


I disabled the tilt control as soon as I got it out of the box and have no intention of switching it back on. Silly feature IMO.

But it’s a great device. The keyboard is very ‘playable’, and the aftertouch feels ‘right’ to me. The strap they include is utterly useless - far too short, so budget for a replacement. I love the pitch wheel - within a few minutes it felt completely natural.

Last night I used the Vortex live for the first time and it performed perfectly. Looks damned good too! It felt great to get out from behind the keyboards!


I agree the strap is to short works ok for one of my guitars but feels cheap so doubt I will even use it for that . And now everyone in the band can’t keep up with the old keyboard player finally free of being stuck in the back line on stage .


I still have the first version with Wi-Fi but modded.

I even have 2 of them, love them so much Hehe.


I’m just jealous. Of the Alesis and the hair gel.


The Alesis you can buy in every shop :wink:
The gel and stockings are top secret.


Funny, just yesterday I was saying to the bass player in my band how I would love to add a keytar to my setup but how I did not want spend yet more money on yet more music gear. And early this morning I was already up on the good old web and decided the Vortex might be a good choice , and suddenly pop up your messages. Is this a sign I should write a letter to Santa :pray: :pray: :pray: ?


And Santa will listen to your prayers, but depends if you have been a good or a bad boy !
Hahaaaaaaa :wink:


Nothing but coal here. :tired_face:


Breathe deep the gathering gloom … Marley looms near … lol :ghost::scream:


I’ve been beeeeeeed. But maybe Santa thinks that’s good :thinking:


I think Santa likes that :smiley: