Cantabile adds MainAppLog files in document folder

I use Cantabile Lite 3 on 2 laptops (Windows Vista & 10). & a Behringer UMC-204HD USB Audio Interface for my guitar practice.

After every session an empty “MainAppLog.txt” file with a number at the end is added to the Documents folders. Right now there are 7 files there & I have to keep deleting them.

Any ideas on how to stop this? I have turned off everything in Options/Diagnostics/Logging & I can´t find any options in the Behringer driver to turn off.

Cantabile works just fine on both computers & I get no error messages or crashes. A very nice piece of software IMO.

Cantabile doesn’t create that file. Perhaps a plugin you’re using?

Strange. I´ll do some more testing later today, but the files only shows up when Cantabile is used. I use a collection of free VST guitar amp sims & effects . I´ll be back…

EDIT: Ok,I did some testing & the “bad guy” seems to be the Lancaster Pulse cab sim plugin. Every time it´s loaded into Cantabile a MainAppLog.txt file is created. No other plugin makes this happen.

It´s not a big problem, just a little annoying to have the documents folders filled with this crap. Maybe I should ask the Lancaster guys about it. Thanks for the input anyway.

EDIT2: A google search for MainAppLog.txt gives me only 154 results. This must be a very unique problem. Or maybe a very rare virus/trojan/alien code-something…

Best bet will be to ask the plugin dev about it.

Yep, I´ll do so. I seem to be the only person on the planet with this problem.