Cantabile 4 - strange MIDI binding going on - solved

Why does my controller keyboard - listed on the left with input ports - send data to a plugin when no “chain” is connecting them? Also I can’t get a MIDI effect VST that generates CC modulation to effect an instrument VSTi it’s chained to despite the fact that MIDI monitor show the correct MIDI on the output. Yet when I move the same controller CC from my keyboard which is in the list but not chained to the VSTi, it DOES modulate the instrument plugin. I’ve tried numerous plugins and it’s the same deal.
OK… I do need to try the same in Cantabile 3 and report back…

Ah… same behavior in 3 but I guess this is the situation… You can only create “bindings” with input ports, not with other plugins. So I’m going to see if I can use loopmidi to bring the MIDI effect back in as an input and see if it works.

Check if you have a route or binding defined in the ‘background’ rack.

dbrendon - as in the Bindings view as opposed to Routing view? I checked that and deleted any bindings which were causing my keyboard to effect the VSTi without a chain connection. But I still can’t get a MIDI mod plugin that outputs CC data (which shows up when I view the MIDI monitor of it’s output chain) to create a binding with another VSTi that it is chained to. So I’m supposing I’m right in that you can’t bind MIDI internally between plugins - it must come from an input port.

You can use MIDI learn of course. But if your plugin doesn’t have MIDI learn on it’s parameters, than you can’t bind another plugin. I’m going to try my experiment and route it out and back with loopmidi.

Yup. That solves it. You must rout a MIDI effect VST that is outputting CC to loopMIDI as an output port and then back from loopMIDI as an input port to the VSTi you want to control with that CC.
This works and enables me to do what I want so… no probs with Cantabile…
…though, might be nice if internal VST did show up as a source in the bindings. :grinning: