Cantabile 4 Stable

As of today, I’m marking build 4036 stable.

Thank you to everyone who’s been testing and giving feedback and bug reports - couldn’t have done it without you. :slight_smile:


Quite an accomplishment to successfully re-platform. Congrats and thanks!


Any way to disable the installer trying to download .net 5 runtime on a non-internet connected computer that already has the latest .net 5 runtime installed?

Forgot about the zip file versions. Disregard.

Great work. I have not checked V4 since the early alpha days (way too busy in work, sadly), but was thinking it was time to give it another go, now that I have a bit more free time again

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Congratulations @brad for another state-of-art upgrade! :clinking_glasses:
Gonna use and promote C4 right away! :blue_heart:

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Can v4 be installed alongside v3, or does it overwrite it?

I’m still using Win 7, with Cantabile v3, so I’m not sure if it’s going to be possible to upgrade, without trying it.

And, yes, I’m aware Win 7 is deprecated, but that’s the way it is. My next OS will be a version of Linux, not Windows 10 or 11.

@AndyHornBlower V4 and V3 can co-exist. We’ll miss you when you move to Linux!

@brad I had a crash during installation. I had the checkbox “Run Cantabile” checked at the end of the install process, hit “Finish” and then selected the 64-bit option, upon which it crashed. I did send a crash report but forgot to include exactly at what point the crash happened. Re-starting the program it loaded just fine.


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Hi Terry,
I recall having a similar issue and now I always deselect the ‘Run’ checkbox. I have a few different shortcuts for various configurations of C4 and I think I determined that it was attempting to run the original ‘install’ with an outdated configuration file. Do you use a custom shortcut to start C4 from a specific folder?


Yes, I’ll bet that was it.

Thanks, Terry and Brendon. That sounds promising.

I don’t really expect to give up Windows 7, completely, but I may take it offline, at some point. The security problems haven’t been as bad as advertised though, so far - I’ve just had to be more careful.


If you’ve got the right version of .NET 5 installed it shouldn’t try to download it. Current release looked for .NET 5.0.8.

I had a look at the crash report and it crashed loading WaveShell1-VST 12.7_x64. Perhaps that plugin is no longer installed correctly? If you think that plugin is installed correctly and you’d like to test what the installer does, run Cantabile.exe /promptplatform for equivalent startup.

And yes, if you choose to run from the setup program it will always launch with the default configuration.

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Interesting you bring this up. I’ve noticed a couple times that Cantabile 4 will crash the first time it is run after installing a new version. It looks like it starts loading the first song, then just disappears without warning, so i get no crash report. And I always uncheck the “Run Cantabile” checkbox at the end of installation - i’m not even sure which of my many configurations is the default. So i exit installation without running Cantabile, and start Cantabile from the usual shortcut, so that i know which configuration is being used. Restarting Cantabile after it crashes always runs ok.

Just another data point,
– Jimbo

That explains it. Already had 5.0.15 installed.

If you had 5.0.15 installed, that should have satisfied it and shouldn’t need to download. I’ll look into it today perhaps there’s something not quite right there.

Just had a thought… do you have both x86 and x64 .NET runtime installed? The installer checks both are installed, and downloads either that is missing.

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Congratulations Brad!

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That would be it. Only had x64

I have finished transferring to Cantabile 4 Performer and have gig tested it and can report that it is stable for me. Thanks again Brad for all the hard work and new features you are bringing in!



I completely missed that 4.x was out! At first I thought it was an April Fools joke thread :).
…3.x is working great for me though!
What inspired a new major release? I found the build / release notes. However, if someone can point me to a summary of ‘what’s new’ or why someone would switch to 4.x from 3.x, I’d appreciate it. Thanks!

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