Cantabile 4 is crashing constantly and mercilessly

Whenever I am attempting to make any kind of adjustment to a parameter in several of my Arturia Vsts, the program shuts down almost immediately. I am experiencing this nightly now at least 3 or 4 times until I wise up and just don’t touch the plugin. fortunately, I am in my studio and not gigging when this has happened.

Anyone experiencing this? It has only been happening for a few days.

It doesn’t suprpise me you have issues with arturia. I have had crashes with augmented strings, it was found for me, it’s built in fx (reverb) were part of the cause.

I was watching a video on YT the other day of someone demo’ing both
augemented strings and augmented voices and his audio was chopping up
from cpu overload. Most people doing demo videos on YT like those have fairly decent hardware, makes me wonder what kind of super computer arturia thinks people have. Turn the reverbs (and other effects) off and see if that makes a difference. Keep an eye on the resource monitor before and after FX are turned off.

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Generally I have found the reason for Cantible crashing is a particular plugin.
Generally I have found C4 quite stable

Try reinstalling C4 - 4046

The audio is fine while I am playing, but as soon as I tweak a knob is when it freezes and crashes. I should mention that this happens when I am adjusting a parameter while a note is sustaining.