Cantabile 4 feature request

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Hi folks!
Have some little features suggestions (request):

  • Execute Command - UI commands in bindings - add search string (the list is too long to search it manually)

  • Defaults in midi-route settings - There is transpose settings, onscreen keyboard ranges visibility settings (is off by default) etc. Good to set your own defaults here (global settings maybe?)
    Yes I know about templates )

  • Midi monitor - [ability to] show new midi messages on top (newer to older - from top to bottom) sometimes you have to check different controller buttons for differences in midi messages. This feature will simplify this task (visually)
    Another suggestion here - add some thin break line between midi messages (ease of visual perception again)

kind regards, Alexander

I would like to see:

-A way to assign midi files “snipets” to the keymap. Basically trigger a different midi sequence per key.
I know there are VSTs that do that, but I would like it built in.

I think this can be done via bindings, but It’s not working for me?

-A way to select a part of the graph and convert to a “rack” via mouse right click menu.
-Nodes in the graph to act like switches that can be mapped to midi events (I think this can be done already using other parts of the interface, but I’m not sure?)