Cantabile 3534 - Audio distortion - High load CPU

Good morning! With the version of Cantabile 3534 I have verified problems. I have sudden distortions on the audio with any VST instruments. I saw that the audio input master meter in the upper right corner is at the highest level sometimes. There is also a high CPU load.
By returning the 3290 version the problems are not there.
Has something like this happened to any of you?
Thank you and good day!

My configuration is this:
Asus Zenbook UX501VW Laptop - i7 6700HQ 2.60Ghz - 16 GB ram - HD SSD M2 500GB - Windows 10 Pro Fall Creators Update.
Tascam US 20x20 (USB 3)

Hi Mauro,

Are you playing audio files? Are those audio files at a different sample rate to the audio engine?

I’m currently looking into a problem with audio resampling 35xx which would explain this.

Ignore that… the problem I was investigating turned out to be related to 24-bit audio files - are you using 24-bit audio files or is this strictly related to VSTs?

I’ve not had any other reports of this so far so not sure what else this could be off hand. Can you tell if it’s related to a particular plugin, or some other factor?


Hi Brad.
I’m using VSTi. For now I have seen the problem with Omnisphere 2 and Session Brass in Kontakt.
I use a Tascam US 20x20 sound card set at 96Khz 24bit and it is connected directly to the usb 3.0 port of the computer, not to the hub. If I notice that it makes me the same trouble with other plugins, I’ll let you know. First I have to reinstall the 35xx version to know it.

Hi Mauro,

OK. As mentioned I’ve not had any other reports like this so I don’t have a definitive answer. Best bet might be to do some trial and error. Try swapping to a different audio driver (eg: asio4all) just to test if it makes a difference. Make sure you’ve got latest drivers etc… installed.

Also, perhaps try the Tascam at different sample rates and different resolution (16-bit instead of 24) - if you can find something that seems to trigger it that should help narrow in on where the problem might be.


Hi brad, already from version 3539 the problem seems no longer there. I still adjusted the buffering latency from 64 to 128 samples. Now I’m playing live with the new 35xx version. I verify that everything works regularly, otherwise I’ll let you know.
Thank you.

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