Cantabile 3 - song "parts" question

I can’t locate any information in detail about how to create “parts” within a song so that they show up on the new parts button. It sounds like a great feature, anyone know how to do this?

Hi Terry,

Parts are now called “States” so to make new states in a song press states mode on left panel and select New State

Hope this helps


Bingo!!! Thank you Dave! Appreciate the help.

Yeah there’s a slight naming tussle here.

I wanted to keep the name “states” consistent across songs and racks because they do exactly the same thing - it’s just that in each case they’re typically used for different things. In Racks they’re often used to represent different sounds, in songs they’re used to represent song parts.

But when you’re thinking about set lists and songs then next level down is “parts” so I use that term in various places where it’s explicitly about song parts.

Slightly confusing I know but once you know, you know. :slight_smile:


That makes sense Brad, thank you! Everything is actually laid out very intuitively. Dave just answered the other question I had about adding midi transport commands as you described to me how to do using the loop back in C2. I’ll give that a try today!