Cantabile 3 Midi Driver not Recognised

Sorry if this has been answered before, but I just couldn’t find the answer.

I went yesterday to the rehearsal room with my laptop and cantabile 3. I rent there a yamaha P-45B digital piano which exist (and they have) in 2 versions: one with just MIDI and the other with just USB (MIDI over USB). At home I use a MIDI to USB cable (ROLAND UM-ONE), so when I use there the P-45B with MIDI, I just have to plug and play! Fine!!

But I had yesterday the P-45B with USB. I connected the USB cable, started Cantabile and… nothing! There was no way that Cantabile recognised the MIDI driver comming from the Yamaha, it wasn’t listed on the options screen. As I wasn’t sure if Windows had correctly loaded the driver into the system, I closed Cantabile and opened a Standalone version of a VST and the driver was there, listed as ‘Digital Piano’ in the options.

I was in a hurry and couldn’t test anything else, as the other band members were already playing!!!

What should I do to make Cantabile re-scan for new drivers?

Thanks in advance

Hi Ramon,

Cantabile automatically scans for new drivers (approximately every 15 seconds or so). If it wasn’t showing up then for some reason Windows was reporting the device to Cantabile. Bit hard to tell from here what it might have been.

Next time, if you’ve got time, try turning on Option -> Diagnostics -> Console Logger and Log Midi Device Scans. It should log out exactly what the MIDI device scan is finding.


Hi Brad,

thanks for the answer. I’ll try to create a log file next time I use the USB and report it here.