Cantabile 3 Lite version limitations

Can anyone tell me whether the ‘Lite’ version of Cantabile 3 is sufficient to play ‘KEYSCAPE’. This is a very large program (70Gb) of 400+ keyboard samples requiring a native 64bit OS & Host (or DAW).
Apart from the size.of it, Keyscape appears to me (from seeing YouTube videos) just a matter of scrolling through a huge list of keyboard presets and selecting one of them - there is no complexity to it apart from demanding very low latency. Will it work ? BRIZZA

Should be possible, indeed, but as the lite version is free it should be easy to test. There are no limitations in lite regarding that kind of functionality.


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Keyscape demands a fast CPU, plenty of Ram, and SSD drive. You may get by with lesser, but don’t be surprised if your CPU hits the max.
Cantabile is a Live Performance VST Host. Most of us here do not use large libraries in live performance, just because the risk of a crash is very possible. The use of “modeled” vsts has proven to run smoothly and actually sound just as good or better.
That said, I do use Keyscape in live performance occasionally, but only after “souping up” my gear. I usually save the large libraries for recording. @TorstenH was right…try the free version first, and see how your system reacts. Documentation is on site, and we encourage you watch the videos and read the manual.




“Will Cantabile Lite play Keyscape?” Yes. “Will it play on my PC?” To be determined.

There are a lot of users here with Keyscape, OmniSphere, Diva, etc. Some of these are a handful. The free version doesn’t have “convivence features” that help enable a smooth live performance (Racks, Song Lists, States, etc.), but it will certainly load a few VSTs for you to try out.

Be sure to use the correct ASIO driver for your Interface (soundcard). Everything works best with Solid State Drives. Brad (Cantabile developer) has made available a free eBook, “Glitch Free”, on tuning and tweaking a Windows PC for playing these resource-intensive (and amazing sounding) plug-ins.


Thanks to all for advice - looks like I could get away with the Lite version as I’ll only be using the single Program (Keyscape) and only for home recording use. Cheers, BRIZZA

In that case, can your DAW host Keyscape?

If you’re intending use Keyscape for home recording, I’d recommend to use a true “recording” program. Cantabile is intended to allow you to play virtual instruments like Keyscape, not primarily as a recording environment (it does have some recording capabilities, but that definitely isn’t its sweet-spot).

To record, you’ll need what is called a “DAW” (digital audio workstation). These programs allow you to record, edit and mix multiple tracks of audio to a finished song. There are some free DAWs, e.g. Cakewalk by Bandlab; some non-free, but not too expensive like Reaper, and the list goes on to the commercial, very powerful tools like Cubase, ProTools, Logic (Mac only), Studio One etc. My main production tool is Cubase, which I can wholeheartedly recommend, but I also use Reaper and Cakewalk regularly, and these are definitely great programs for home recording.

Cantabile Lite is nice if you just want to “play” Keyscape in your home environment, but for home recording, I’d go for a DAW.

I would definitely underscore @RackedBrain’s and @corky’s comments on Keyscape’s resource hunger - make sure your PC is up to the task. Cantabile itself isn’t very resource hungry, but Keyscape has been known to get some systems into serious sweat…



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My system of recording is to record exclusively in MIDI (I assume Cantabile 3 does this like v2), do all necessary editing, and record audio later, which I can do on my other two systems (XP x86 and XP 64bit). It’s getting the MIDI code perfect that is most important. So no problem there. I do have a DAW - Sonar 2 - which I use for its MIDI editing. but not as a DAW. I much prefer to work in individual ‘compartments’, and not to have to get my brain round a complete Workstation!

Not using a DAW - see reply to Torsten

PS Torsten: yes , I think my basic system will support Keyscape: Win 10 1809, 3,1Ghz cpu, 12Gb ram, Delta Audiophile Asio soundcard.

Might take a look at Brad’s ‘Glitch Free’ , tho I think my system is up to running Keyscape.

Ok, too complicated for my taste, but to each their own😉

Unfortunately, Cantabile Lite doesn’t have the recording feature; you’ll need the Solo edition for that.



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Do you only use it for music applications? If so, you can use little programs that will help you in tweaking/tuning your PC in a easy way, after you learned the basics reading excellent Brad’s GlithFree.