Cantabile 3 GUI additions / requests

Hi All, @brad

I have a few requests for additions changes to the Gui. So I 'll throw them out there and see what others think too.

  • new kind of switch binding ( press and hold increment and decrement ) behavior would be increment or decrement while held down automatically and accelerate the action after a few seconds and stop on release of button, it also acts as a nudge when single pressed. Would be great for navigating long lists of presets.

  • new dual pane hierarchy - when I am editing I often make changes on the bindings page that have a visible effect on the associated routing page and I have to bounce back and forth between the two to check things. I propose we have a system where we can split the pages like we do the rack and song at this time. The logic I see is something like this:

If a rack were split screened with a song it would have top priority( what we have)
If a rack was full screen mode it could be split into routes on top and bindings on bottom
If a song was full screen mode then it could be split into routes on top and bindings on the bottom

I hope these things haven’t already been suggested and welcome comments additions.



Thanks Dave,

All interesting ideas. I’ll keep some of this in mind as I start to move Cantabile’s UI over to GuiKit2 as part of the OS X port.


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