Cantabile 3 config ideas for a GSI DMC-122

Hello all,
I have a DMC-122 which is a Dual 5 octave MIDI controller with a layout in some ways simmilar to a Hammond but it’s also a touch senitive MIDI controller.
It’s added to the default Main Keyboard MIDI Port.
I have the top manual set to send out on MIDI Ch 1 and the bottom manual is set to send out on MIDI Ch 2.
I have Cantabile 3 working great for the Hammond emulators and I use the 2 sets of drawbars to control upper and lower manual organ timbre.

Brad assisted me with a way of configuring a .cantabilesong file to work on the DMC-122 with both manuals or split on a 88 key MIDI controller using a router rack system for the primary keyboard sounds and a separate Rack for playing left hand bass.

I took 14 of the 16 buttons and configured them for enable/disable of 14 vst’s
when one is enabled it uses all 5 octave on the upper keyboard and two octaves higher on C5 to C7 of the lower manual
On the VST’s themselves I added a transpose Midi filter to make sure all 14 vst’s were in the same octave so when the Router rack changes the note range tranposed up or down, or MIDI channel changed all vsts would be in the same octave and controlled by the Router Rack > Rack states to compatible ranges for the MIDI Controller used.
Sound layering works benefits from this setup too in that I can go from the top of the upper manual down to the lower one for an additional two upper octaves on any patch and only be limited by the range of the vst w/o one or more sounds playing in the wrong octave.

My reason for this forum post is…
I have not been able to get this router rack system to assign one sound on the upper manual and a different sound on the lower one.
My vsts are set for midi ch 1 except for the organ vsts which are set to omni mode.
The reason for this was everytime I tried setting the vst’s to Omni mode then I would hear doubled notes and/or two of the same notes layered from the the vst depending on the Router Rack . Rack State that was enabled.

I am using Rack states in the Router Rack to control the key range, octave and MIDI ch control. (e.g. The Bass Router Rack is configured to use just the first 3 octaves of the lower manual via MIDI cCh 2 when I need to play left bass),

So what I would like to know is if there was a way of reconfiguring Cantabile 3 so I could set the vst’s to Omni mode instead of Ch 1 without getting MIDI input doubled or playing in two octaves when pressing 1 key. I am thinking some filter needs to be added but I am not sure where to isolate the upper and lower manual when two different sounds are needed.
Or do I need to create two vst’s of each sound and set one for MIDI Ch 1 and the other for MIDI Ch 2 or is there another way of doing this?

Does anyone in the Forum use a DMC-122 and have other recommendations for setting up Cantabile 3 optimally to work with a DMC-122?