Cantabile 3 Command Line Parameters?

Hi everybody, just a quick question:

Are there any command line parameters for Cantabile 3, such as starting the appllication minimized / in the background?

Thank you all and best regards,

Hey Sepp,

There are a couple, but they’re mostly used for shell integration. I’ll write up something in the guide and can probably add a minimized flag if you think that’ll be useful.


Hi Brad,

this would be very nice of you! It certainly is one of my least urgent wishes. I just stumbled across this idea when I played around with triggers and opening external applications using a MIDI controller. It makes using your wonderful software even more versatile! (e.g. starting a favourite pc application simply by playing a “d4” on my keyboard :wink: )

So, for doing this (and maybe other stuff) I thought it might be useful to let Cantabile start when booting my pc and let it run in the background.

Hi Sepp,

In the meantime you can probably get Cantabile 3 to do what you need by using AutoHotkey. Definitely worth investigating! I use it to bring up and minimise a separate tuner window, amongst other things.


Hmm, was just about to suggest to create a Windows shortcut to “start minimized”:

Works with most of my “traditional” programs, but it seems that Cantabile refuses to react to this setting, even though it is a classic “one-window-app”. Otherwise, Sepp’s requirement would have been easy to realize: create a “minimized” shortcut and put it into your “Autostart” folder - done!

But it seems a number of audio applications don’t play with this “start minimized”…



Thanks guys. I’ve logged these points and will get onto them soon.

To get back on this, is there a way to run an external program minimized. What is the parameter?

update: got it working by adding -min at the end :wink: