Cantabile 2 - device recognized only in one port of USB HUB

Cantible 2 seems to only recognize my Korg Kontrol control surface when attached to port #2 of the USB hub I use. It’s very odd because it shows that there is MIDI activity when it’s attached to a different port but none of the MIDI assignments work. MIDI-OX also shows it’s receiving MIDI from the Kontrol no matter what USB hub port it’s attached to. When I move it to port 2 and reset MIDI devices, all the C2 assignments work again. Any idea what’s going one?

Better tech heads than me will hopefully answer. All I know is Windows and USB is a match made in the darkest depths of hell. On my old system ports would be assigned to my DAW on a completely random basis. I had to re-assign at every boot-up. I don’t know if Win10 fixes that but my solution was to but a MIDI merger to merge everything I did into one port, that being my interface, so EVERYTHING goes into one USB port, period and do my assignments all via MIDI channel.

Also you use of the phrase “USB hub” is a red flag- in my experience hubs cause a lot of issues. I’d go around it and save that for your mouse, etc.

And if you’re on Mac and not Win- you got me! If not I bet your issue is some Windows snafu. And bypass that hub.

And finally, remember the joke that goes “Doctor, it hurts when I do this!” and the doctor says" Then don’t do that." If port 2 works… well, use it :wink:

It’s WIn 7x64. Come to think of it, I was using a WIn10x64 build and don’t remember this same issue. Unfortunately, the audio i/f I have and want to use for live performance isn’t supported in Win10 so I dropped back to WIn7. I need to use the hub and have already marked the port for the Kontrol but I was wondering why this was an issue. I’m guessing C2 binds MIDI assignments using some sort of absolute port reference.

Now it’s completely ignoring the MIDI assignments! I stopped using the hub. It’s a Lenovo T530 laptop. Very frustrating. I thought this s/w was solid.

This problem needs some input from @brad

It seems somehow all the MIDI assignments I made to the Kontrol device got shifted in C2 to a USB keyboard! I have no idea how that could have happened. I had to reassign them all again. The MIDI assignments get saved in the session files I assume. Let’s see if my session works again tomorrow when I load it.

Hi @Stringrazor,

A couple of thoughts on this…

  1. Cantabile has no idea about USB ports/hubs. It simply asks windows for what MIDI devices are available and what their names are. If the device is working in one port and not in another that’s a windows/driver issu.
  2. Cantabile 2 can save MIDI assignments either in the session file, or some assignments can be saved globally. There’s a Context setting in the MIDI assignments window that controls this.
  3. Cantabile 2 saves the MIDI assignments with the device name so not sure how they’d move from one device to another.

Let me know if this continues to be problem and I’ll look into it more deeply


Thanks, Brad. I will see if the re-config I did again last night stay stable.

Question for anyone: what’s the best way to rescan for MIDI devices that may have been connected/reconnected while C2 is up?

Brad same issue here in Windows 11. everything works fine but when I re open it it confuses all the usb devices. When I hit my pk5 pedal, in Cantabile it will show I am hitting my Midi controller keyboard or my ROland fc 300 footswitch. Windows doesn’t have any answers I could find either.

Hi Jim, and welcome to the forum

Quick question, are the controllers in the same usb ports every time, or do this change? If it has changed, have you tried keeping them in the same usb ports?

Also, there are numerous threads on issues with the usb ports in the forum if you search, might find a suggestion (sorry, I never had the issue, so I can’t remember if there were solutions - and I couldn’t find any with a quick search).

Thanks Torsten. Yeah didn’t find much with a quick search and had spent 3-4 hours trying to troubleshoot on my own. I think I may have solved it and wjii try again today if all works I’ll post what I did. I am new to this and not a young man anymore so it’s been quite the learning curve. I had them kept in the same ports though. Using my Korg N264 as a midi controller, a Roland FC300 foot controller and have a Focusrite Scarlett which never has issues but uses a port. My new laptop which is well equipped has 2 USB ports and 2 thunderbolt ports one for power and other I am using a 4 USB hub adapter/converter. I would understand if it was just the midi controllers in the hub that would get confused, but it was happening in the regular USB ports as well. Randomly, not every time, I shut down Cantabile after saving song/settings it would confuse the three midi controllers upon re opening. They were all seen in Cantabile and got a green light when triggering, but triggering the PK5 would illuminate the green button for the Korg N264 or the FC 300 would illuminate the PK5 etc. I ultimately deleted all the USB controllers and their assignments and re added them all and did several shutdowns and it seemed to work. I will try again this morning and let everyone know thanks so much