Can't tell difference between incoming Audio/MIDI ports

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When I’m creating input routings I can’t tell whether I’m choosing a MIDI or an audio port. It would be useful if they were indicated in some way and/or separated in the choice list.

In the meantime I’ll name them, but…

I have developed a standard naming that, for me, does help:

  • Audio input ports are named “Xxx In” - e.g. “Kbd1 In”, “Mic1 In”, …

  • Audio output ports are named “Xxx Out”.

  • MIDI input ports are named “Xxx Min

  • MIDI output ports are name "Xxx Mout"

If you do an overhaul of your port names, you can use the Aliases field in the port to hold the old name so that the ports in your song files will be automatically renamed.

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Oh, yeah, I can come up with a naming system, but should I need to? If a list like this can have exactly the same name in it twice then I think it should have something to denote which is which.

How much easier it would be if the choice list had a couple of separators…

– MIDI ports –

– Audio Ports –

…or a MIDI socket/wave icon to the side of each?