Can't setup midi connection


I just started to play arround with cantabile with the intention maybe to switch from mainstage.
But i can’t get my Midi Keyboard (Novation SL MKII) working. I think the setup is correct. I have choosen the SL as my default keyboard of coure.

There is a red icon maybe this is the problem.
Maybe you can give me some tips…

Hi Tobias,

Have you tried to set a destination. The way Cantabile usually behaves is that if you try to set a route at the input ports you need to select the ‘Name/Source’ which you did and the ‘Preset/Destination’ (next slot to the right) which you left empty. You can also go to ‘Output Ports’ and press ‘Add Object’, this allows you to select a plugin and it will automatically create the input ports using your default or “Main” Keyboard. Hope this helps .


My recommendation: watch @brad’s excellent introduction videos and read at least the “Basics” guides - Cantabile is a bit complex starting out, because you need to patch everything together using “routes” (sort of like a modular synthesizer), but once you get the hang of it, there’s almost no limit to the possibilities.

Just fiddling with it with no real foundation will get you frustrated in a hurry…



What I can see in your screenshot is that you haven’t yet specified an out for your keyboard. You can select one in the Preset/Destination column to the right of “Main keyboard” (currently, you can only see “-”, meaning no output has been selected). Then just follow Torsten’s advice and take a look at the instruction videos, and you’ll be fine. And then of course we’re all here to help you out with anything else you would like to know.