Can't set ASIO buffer size over 256 when using FL Studio ASIO (and other issues)

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FL Studio ASIO is currently the only option I know of and have installed that lets me specifically route the audio in and out of Cantabile. However within Cantabile, the buffer size options are limited to 256, whilst the ASIO panel has more than that available. Selecting anything other than 256 in that panel does not stick.

This is leading me to get a weird bitcrushing/popping/crackling distortion after using Cantabile for a while. (using it to process my mic audio with VSTs in real time)

Strangely enough, the distortion only happens to certain applications, and not system wide.


  • Chrome
  • Discord

No distortion:

  • Groove music player
  • Games
  • Windows sound events
  • Listening to the output from Cantabile through the listen to device checkbox on VB-Cable

Any audio pathway gurus here who have any idea wtf is going on?

Have you tried ASIO4ALL driver?

Yes I have tried it, but I can’t route my audio in the way that is needed.