Cant get free license

Hey guys,

I tried to test this tool but when clicking on “get free license” after installation, I get this error:

Also tried to register myself on the website. This doesnt worked, too. After clicking the “Register” button…just nothing happens.

Any ideas?


Sorry, can’t help, but here just to echo that I too am having the same problem. I first put in the wrong email address. I didn’t get an error then, but obviously couldn’t check the incorrect email to verify. So when I restart the program to put in my correct email address, I get this above 500 error.

I also tried Offline Licensing, which takes you to the URL, but putting in my information and clicking “Create Account” does nothing.

I am having trouble getting into the home page at this moment, so that could be the problem, but someone will be along soon to help you.

Update: it appears it was just a glitch in the Matrix. I was able to register at the /portal/register URL, which allowed me to access the key. Thank you.

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Appears the website was down, according to Brad, but glad you found the problem.

Hey guys,

worked now to get a key. =)

Thanks a lot to everyone.

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