Can't get Cantabile 2.0 to make sound

no sound from Cantabile Lite 2.0

using a keyboard plugged into USB interface, Win7

they do work, the sound meter in Control Panel/Sound/Recording/USB Device gets a reading, check “listen to this device” and it makes sound.

also works with VSTHost, with the selected input device= [the USB interface] used several plugins and it makes sound.

with Cantabile Lite 2.0, under Audio Engine/Audio Driver there is no selection for th USB interface, only speakers and digital output etc it mustbe referring to output not input.

nothing gets it to make sound and no reference to USB interface so I installed ASIO4ALL drivers.

when I go to options/Audio Engine and click on the “control panel” button for the ASIO4ALL driver, it shows a WDM Device List, which has 2 items listed:

  • Realtek High Definition Audio (status: active)
    – (submenu: Realtek HD Audio Line Input is the one active)
  • USB Audio Codec (status: idle)
    and it won’t select the USB Audio Codec to make it active.

but, on the Cantabile home tab, check the Input box and it gets a reading on the dB meter when tapping on the keyboard attached to the USB interface.

tapping on the onscreen keyboard, there is no response on the Input dB meter.

how do I get this to work?

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By now, Cantabile 3 has been the active product for years; it makes little to no sense to use Cantabile 2.0 anymore - unless you have tons of old songs within Cantabile 2.

Most people here on the forum have moved on to Cantabile 3 (some are already experimenting with Cantabile 4), so it will be difficult for you to get support for Cantabile 2. If you don’t have a large collection of songs in Cantabile 2, do yourself a favor and download and install Cantabile 3. The advantage is also that there are good videos and user guides that help you configure the whole thing.




I wanted to use C2 Lite because it’s a simple standalone program.

C3 Lite requires you to sign up for yet another account and a key code that undoubtedly ties that installation to your specific computer and, like many people, I’m sick and tired of being tracked and my info being sold like what facebarf, tweeter, amaznot, fleabay, google, blah blah ad nauseum does. I’m sick of it. a lot of people are and they are dumping those. how’s their stock doing lately?

C2 is simialr to C3. I’m sure you can figure it out and I’m sure there are still a few people that use and prefer C2 for the same reasons I would.

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Honestly, why are you here on the official Cantabile forum, managed by @brad, the developer, insinuating all kinds of nastiness about him?

Definitely not getting any support from me here with this attitude…


What a nonsense… it’s just a registration.

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what “all sorts of nastiness” are you talking about? did I say anything about that guy specifically? I never heard of ‘Brad’ until 1 minute ago, I don’t know the dude or even knew he existed. why do you feel the need to @ him to bring him into it?

if you are going to demand that I have a certain kowtowing attitude, I don’t want to talk with you.

why don’t you quote the whole thing instead of just that one part to take it out of context to suit your false point.

Dude…anything you purchase now days require an account, even for free stuff. No tracking involved here. You can thank Google, Apple, Porn sites, and other illegal sites for your tracking. If you don’t want the truth from this site, then don’t use it!! No need to be aggressive and challenge the log time members here. Just move on…



Can this troublemaker be banned?

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OK, last answer, then I’m going to leave this thread for good: in your post, you claim that Cantabile is tracking you and you imply that your information is being sold to various companies. If you didn’t know it, Cantabile is a software developed by one person, Brad Robinson, and he’s an extremely helpful and cooperative person, engaging his user base and reacting super-quickly to suggestions and issues. So if you suggest that Cantabile does these unpleasant things, like tracking you and selling your data to the big corporations, you essentially suggest that Brad is doing these things.

Second: this is usually a helpful and friendly community, with everybody behaving in a courteous and supportive manner - ranting, dissing and insinuating sleazy business practices without any evidence is generally frowned upon. Also, as part of this culture, when we reference someone who is part of this community, we @ them, so they are aware that they are being talked about - this is common courtesy here, so nothing pointed against you.

When coming into a new community in search for help, it may be a good idea to first behave friendly and politely, and not antagonize the people who could otherwise help you. No-one is expecting a “kowtowing attitude” - just common manners and decency.

If that’s asking too much from you, you may be in the wrong place…

Over and out.


yep. I’m not going to argue; you’re making the argument for me. goodbye, freako’s.


Looks like this combatant only made it to 2 on the Circle of Fifths. :thinking:

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Firstly, just to set the record straight…

  • Both Cantabile 2 and Cantabile 3 require registration with email address before use.
  • Cantabile 3 just adds just activation of licenses which requires either an internet connection at the time of activation, or the use of offline licensing. After activation there’s no “tracking”
  • Cantabile 3 Trial versions do require an internet connection as an anti-fraud abuse mechanism. Paid licenses don’t.
  • If you want more official statement of all this, see here.

To be clear… I don’t sell, give away or otherwise do anything with any collected information. It’s used only for license tracking and mail outs from me.

@wet_metal as for your original question it’s not clear whether you’re trying to connect your keyboard as an audio or MIDI device. If MIDI (most likely) the audio driver has nothing to do with it - check the Setup tab -> MIDI Devices and make sure it’s selected there.