Can't find a MIDI File Loop Setting?

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According to the V3 online manual I should be able to set a MIDI file to loop, but I can’t see the option.

See ‘Loop Mode’

I need a 4-bar drum pattern to loop indefinitely in time with the main transport, but even if I tell it to loop infinitely in the Timeline options it runs past the end of the Play Range and never repeats.

Hi The_Elf,

What you want to do can’t be done in either Slave mode on the media player. For it to work the loop source media player should be the master for sync, then the looping will work. At least that is how Cantabile handles it. Hope this helps :slight_smile:



Unfortunately if I have Media Player as the master I get a clock glitch every time around the loop, which knocks my other hardware sequencers further and further out of time. :anguished:

@The_Elf I have a plugin for that: Topiary Beatz. Free & open source. Documentation here:

Thank you. That looks interesting!

I’m setting up for a live improv gig in a couple of weeks, so the reason you created this plug-in very much resonates with me! What I’m trying to do is to have lots of switchable and transposable MIDI patterns running that I can cut between as I play.

I’ll give the plug a try and see how I get on.

I am finishing a version that can do general midi (notes, not drums) and that has transpose per-key. You may be interested in that one as well - I am typing up user documentation for that ne as we speak :slight_smile: .

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That sounds ideal! :+1:

TBH I was thinking of reverting to using Cubase for the purposes of this next gig, because I’m running out of time, but I’m open to trying.

I’ve decided to try my Synthstrom Deluge for handling the sequencer patterns, transposing them through Cantabile. So far this seems to work nicely.

Topiary Beatz looks excellent for handling the drum patterns! I’ve only begun to scratch the surface of this thing, but it looks immense. Simple it certainly isn’t - It took me quite a while to get the first notes out of it - and I still don’t really know what I’m doing, TBH! - but familiarity will no doubt come.

I had a weird problem where Beatz was sending out Note-Ons on MIDI Channel 1, and corresponding Note-Offs on Ch 10 - not sure whether that’s something I’m doing, or a bug?

Amazing piece of software, though. Thank you so much for sharing. Once I get my head around it properly I think this will be a favourite companion. :clap:

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Glad you like it. If you can export (save) your settings and mail them to me I’ll check what’s up with your channel issue.


I’ve tried to recreate it, but I can’t. Since I saw that problem on the MIDI Monitor (I promise I didn’t imagine it!) it’s been working properly. It was at the start of my fooling around with Beatz and I had been clicking on a few things, so I’ve no idea of the order of events that lead to it.

If I see it again I will save the state at that point and get it to you.

OK - I did check here if I could make it do something like that but no “luck”. If you need help or tips just yell!

@The_Elf : I now also have a plugin that does the transpose thing you were looking for. You’ll find info here:

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Thanks, mate. I had a few nasty crashes with Beatz, so I had to take it out for this gig. At some point I’ll take another look.