Cannot resize a VST windows

Just re-installed Cantabile Performer, and loaded the first VST, but the window is so small I cannot read it, well I can, but with difficulty.

Is there a setting in prefs that allows this or is it a standard?

Go to Tools -> Options -> General -> User Interface -> HiDPI User interface and try setting to either:

  • Disabled - most compatible but will make Cantabile’s UI a little blurry on hi-dpi monitors
  • Enabled and Upscale Plugins - keeps Cantabile’s UI crisp and upscales plugin editors, but has issues with some plugins. Your mileage will vary depending on the plugins you’re using.


cool thx Brad . I’ll experiment with that.

On one of my 4 systems, I found that I additionally needed to set a Windows switch.

I use shortcuts to bring up C3 (because I use multiple configurations), and there is a semi-arcane switch:

R-click on the shortcut => Properties => Compatibility => [X] Override high DPI scaling behavior.
Scaling performed by: [System (Enhanced)]

That works nicely for me on that one system on all the VSTs I use …

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That option is not available on this latest version…all I have is the option to Enable Plugin GUI Upscaling - on or off. And even then I need to also turn it off in prefs. Might be the plugin itself casuing the issues.

Another issue I am finding with ver 4048, is when I try to move a whole plugin window 9IE, say drag it a little to the left, the plugin reduces to a much smaller size and the rest of the original “box” is bluescreen

I have been using the Enabled and Upscale plugins option which works for most plugins, except IK Multimedia. Just saying.

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