Cannot get C3 to load at pc boot - admin rights?

Apparently Windows 10 will not allow any program to load at boot that requires elevated (or run as admin) options.

There are workarounds that require regedit and creating batch files and the like, however is it REALLY necessary to run C3 as admin? I read somewhere that it is the coding of programs in windows that forces windows to block them at boot (basically the article said that the coding of the app was the reasoin it needed admin rights in the first place, that it ws insecure coding or had some elements missing??)

Anyhoo, it’s not a big thing as it is not a problem manually starting it, just curious :slight_smile:

That’s a shame. I’m just about to put together a system with Win 10 that I was hoping to run headless so needing to manually load C3 will be a bit of a nuisance.

Microsoft - If it ain’t broke it will be after the next update!

In my experience, you only need to run Cantabile as admin when using jBridge - it seems that jBridge runs into problems when the host is not run with admin rights.

I tend to avoid any bridging, so my Cantabile is perfectly happy being run without admin rights.



Yes true Torsten, however I suspet we all have those fav old 32bit plugs haha! Maybe it is the JBridge coding that is at fault? Anyhoo as I said its not really a major thing :slight_smile: