Cannot get a custom root.webfolder found by a browser

Lost half a day on this - probably being stupid.

Installing C4 on a new machine. I have custom webserver scripts and cannot find where or how to install those. C4 seems to use “a” root.webfolder somewhere but for the love of me I cannot seem to find where it is. Here’s what I got:

  • There is a root.webfolder in the C4 executable location. That’s not the one C4 seems to use. If I rename it C4 still has the default web page. If I change a label in the std index page inthere, that change is not reflected in the C4 webpage. Si C4 uses a different root.webfolder.
  • I made a resource folder where I have my (old) root.webfolder with my custom pages, set in options. Saves fine, no complaints after restart (and it’s shown correctly in the settings json file as well). But C4 does not seem to use it. Browser does not find my custom page and if I edit a label in the standard indes page it does not show in the browser.

Ergo, it uses a root.webfolder that is located somewhere else.

If I do a windows search from root.webfolder it does not find any either (apart from the one in C4 exec location and my custom one).

What the heck am i missing? Any clues would be appreciated.

You may be beyond this, but here are some basics that might be tripping you up …

C4 uses .webfolder folders in the Resource Folder (Resource Folder - Cantabile - Software for Performing Musicians). That’s according to Network Developer Guide - Cantabile - Software for Performing Musicians. Basic info at Network Server - Cantabile - Software for Performing Musicians

I have relocated the Resource Folder since I share it across all my machines using Dropbox … Works like a charm.

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Got a bit further by doing the following - deleted the root.webfolder in de C4 executable directory, as administrator, copied my old webfolder (unpacked, not zipped) inthere - things now work.

But still can’t figure out why C4 refuses to use the one in my resource directory! Even if I have no rootfolder in the C4 exec directory, C4 refuses to look into the alternative directory set in Options. Very weird. Works on my older laptop, not on the new one.