Cancel pre-loading setlist?

I have pre-loading enabled for my setlists and I have “load last setlist on startup” enabled.
But there are times when I would only like to start clean with no setlist. Is there a way to “Cancel” preloading of the whole list? Or maybe setup a shortcut to open Cantabile in a clean environment?

Ah sorry, lots of options on this topic in Preferences… nevermind…

Take a look at the Guide on multiple configurations - I have three configs on my live laptop: one for each of my two bands, customized to different audio interfaces and input / output configurations, a third one for general work with Cantabile. The first two are set to autoload my respective repertoire setlists (I create gig-specific setlists on LivePrompter and have a full-repertoire setlist in Cantabile), the third one loads without a setlist, so I can get to work quickly.

Maybe you can do something similar.



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