Can You Trigger a Song Binding from a Controller Bar Button?


Just wondering if you can do this? I have existing bindings setup on the song to be triggered from the PC keyboard for doing certain things, and it would be useful to trigger the same binding from a touch screen as well when keyboard and mouse are tucked out of the way (I have had a small studio reorg lately, which has brought this on).

Unfortunately I couldn’t see bindings as a target for controller buttons.

Am I missing something?

Just thinking laterally, which I will try later, if I can generate MIDI messages on these controller pads, maybe I can use a MIDI loopback to trigger a binding?

You can send keyboard command from remote using a software connected (WiFi or USB) to a phone or tablet, like Touch Portal.
Even better, the Elgato Streamdeck.

Hey Derek,

This is how I do it. You set up the Control bar buttons as momentary with MIDI CC numbers

SnapShot 15218

and then make bindings like this to control the song (parts) states.



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Thanks, Dave.

I’ll try this later.

I hadn’t made the connection that the controller bar MIDI data is available via a MIDI port for the on screen keyboard? Which is what I infer from your second screenshot? I will give this a go later.

Due to a re config of my studio, when I am practising I now need the the computer keyboard out of the way. Not a problem when I am gigging or for most interactions via the keyboards/foot controller. However, for when I am practising on my own, I have the original song that my backing tracks were made against in a media player, muted by default and a CTRL+O keypress enables it if I want to here it when doing a solo practice - but I do not want it any other time and not by accident during a gig, so I made it a deliberate keypress event, with the track always muted when the song is selected. If the keyboard is out of the way I can’t do that keypress, so just want a way to do the same from either the mouse or the touch screen, and I want it in a manner that I cannot accidentally enable it whilst at a gig, so a deliberate keypress or selecting a control button on the GUI is what I am after - and the control bar looks ideal for the latter.

I think you have set me on the right path now, so thanks, and I will report back. :slight_smile:

Yes Sir! The onscreen keyboard MIDI ports in and out, act as the input and output MIDI ports for the control bar and the virtual keyboard.

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