Can someone help me, please(successful solved)

my name is Dennis, I am from Germany and new to Cantabile. I am on Win 10 and using a RME HDSPe AIO interface and have a strange problem:
( I hope anyone here can help…)
I am using Ableton for Looping purposes and Cantabile for VST Host and all Midi related purposes, initially thought it works very great, but then I started playing my guitar to some VST Instruments and thought I have to tune guitar cause all VSTs were totaly out of tune with my guitar.
But my Guitar was absolutely right in tune… (reviewed by divers tuners).
So I checked one of these VSTIs in Ableton absolutely,fitting to my guitar tuning there.
I checked the VSTI Master tunes(in each Program) and also Cantabiles global transpose(it says o,o = perfect unison). Than I tried to detune Cantabile to make it fit to my guitars tuning, but that was not possible, the Guitar 440 hz tuning was right between Cantabiles 0,1 = semitone and 0,2 = 2 semitone

I am using 4 ADAT Stereo Channels to go out of Cantabile and into Ableton, from there out of 2 Analog Stereo Channels (XLX and HeadPhones)…

Maybe someone here has an idea what is going on here? Or maybe Brad can dive in and help me out…
BTW sorry if my english is defective, it is not as easy to express myself in another language (sometimes as also in my own…;-))…

So thank you for reading and muchmore for bearing a hand
sincerely, Dennis


Make sure Ableton, Cantabile and your interface are set to the same sample rate. Since your not recording 44.1k should be fine.


They´re all set to 44,1…
Thank you anyway.

Man… it sure sounds like some kind of sample rate mismatch. So, are you saying your whole system is playing about a semitome and a half sharp from where it should be? The other thing to look at is if a controller somewhere is sending a pitch bend message that shouldn’t be there. I had a controller with a faulty pitch wheel and had a problem a lot like this. Maybe try filtering out all pitch wheel data and see if that fixes things. Or, run your system with no controllers connected and test that.


Hey thanx, that seems to be the reason. Im not using the pitch wheel that often (Im an absolutely beginner on Keys…), I would not have searched for that, but it seems I have stored a preset on my Kordbot with a “wrong setting” of its “pitch strip”, I was not aware of…
I was doing a new preset from scratch, recorded a new Loop of a VSTI and it is in tune with my guitar now…
Sooo many thanks!!!


Cool! :smiley: