Can Someone help me on OSC touch?

I dont understand how to connect an android phone to my Pc win 10.

Ok… I have finally found !
This post can be deleted…

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Maybe instead of deleting the post you could describe how you solved it? Might help the next person with a similar issue. :wink:

Of course… but it’s hard to explain why It works now! Surely a firewall problem…

And for the moment I only get the midi connections on.

I need more Time to understand this little remote program.

What I would like is to find a way to fastfoward ou back…a media file.
A user here suggest me to try TouchOSC… so … I give a try but I am not convinced at all…

See you.

Back in the 90’s :wink:, Microsoft had a question on one of the Certification tests. “Two computers can’t communicate. The problem is a) protocol related, b) server hardware, c) software, d) the cable”. D was the answer for the 90’s. Today, the answer is the firewall. My clients are household-name Fortune 50 companies. There is a firewall problem almost daily somewhere. Even when the firewall team swears they haven’t touched ANYTHING FOR A WEEK, somebody has secretly or accidentally changed a rule, firmware, routing, etc. It’s the firewall doing what it does best. Blocking. Rant over.


I was a proud card carrying MCSE once upon a time. The certification test multiple choices always seemed to go like this:

A. The way everyone does it.
B. The way no one would ever do it but software supplied by Microsoft.
C. Some random wrong answer
D. All of the above

You got it - answer is B!