Can no longer open Cantabile


Well, I’m back. Thought I got over the biggest hurdle this morning, guess I really had no idea what was in store for me! Spent 3 solid days learning and then setting up all my songs. Nearly to the end of my list and I thought I would give my computer and myself a break. Shut down Cantabile and shut down the computer. Came back to it and Cantabile will not open. Crashes while loading plugins. On relaunch I choose “Don’t start the audio engine”, “Don’t reload the last song”, and “Don’t scan the plugin folder”. I do not choose “Don’t reload any settings” because that says “last resort, all settings will be lost” and I don’t know that that means. All settings? like every setting I have set up for three days? Will I just lose what I worked on before the last save or is this more like a uninstall and reinstall of Cantabile?
I’m open to suggestions, but I think I’m done with it.


The settings are the global ones found under the Options menus. The songs and racks will still be fine and not affected. You said you are crashing, a few questions, is it during boot up of the first song in a songlist? Does it crash on the same vsti each time? What are the exact order of things that happen with Cantabile from startup to a crash? Also FWIW when you have a crash and are able to be online you can send a crash report to Brad the developer for help with system related problems that might arise. I don’t know your situation but I will also make a shout out to him @brad … here so maybe he can help if you wish to pursue it further. Wish it went better for you.



By choosing the three options I mentioned, I was able to open C3 with no set list loaded. Loading my one and only set list caused the same crash. It happens while loading plugins and appears to be around the same pluggin. I doesn’t say what plugin it is loading, just “plugin number X”, 14 I think. I assume it is the instance of Kontakt 5 I added near the end (only clav I have). Other than that it is the same small handful of basic VST instruments that I have been working with from the get go.
I was able to regain my set list by choosing the “Add songs from another setlist” option, which to my surprise just kinda loaded the whole original set list (was expecting to pick and choose the songs I wanted to import). My Clavinet in Kontakt is my only sample based VST and weighs in at 0.66 GBs, not too insanely large in my opinion. But I know the clav takes a full minute to load and I figured Cantabile was not caring for this. So first, I tried unchecking “preload” on my new setlist, this had no effect. Still crashing on start up while loading plugins. Repeated my steps but this time did away with Kontakt all together. Saved a new set list without Kontakt (no clav for me) and deleted the old set list completely from my hard drive. Now she doesn’t crash on loading but instead does it on about the third to fifth song I click on (similar to its behavior before I removed TalVocoder out of linkable rack and just straight into the song). When crashing, it usually gives a box explaining that it has crashed and do I want to report it. It doesn’t actually let me report it tho, just an empty gesture. Last crash it did not even do that. I clicked on a song (in grid view of the live performance layout) and then I was staring at my desktop, Cantabile no longer open. Not sure if this matters, but other than this last time the crashed and frozen program will not go away unless I open Windows task manager and force it to.


Well, cory, to speed up the process you can open the program without crashing it and go to ‘Tools > Open Settings Folder’. From that folder select the last few zip files that were produced on the crashes and Email them to Brad with a description of the problem and see if he can help.



Hi @electricfuzz

Happy to help get this solved, but I’ll need to see some crash reports. Did you send any through?



Soon, I was going to type up what is happening now but it is pretty much summed up in this thread.


If the Clav is taking so long to load, have you performed the “batch re-save” option in Kontakt? This will generally greatly reduce load time.


I have barely even used Kontakt and know very little about it. Another good reason to update my computer, it does not handle all those samples well. Thanks for the tip, I will definitely look into it. Right now I have removed it from C3 as well as the vocoder whose issue I thought I had resolved. I have pianoteq, NI B4 & B4II, and an old Rhodes freebie (Mr Ray 22). These are currently the only vsts I am using and yet it still crashes on every few song changes.


I used to use Mr. Ray 22 but unfortunately it was doing lots of pops and clicks… it may be what causes your crashes.



The only bug I have ever experienced with Mr Ray (and it is constant, without exception) is that it has a slight crackle for about the first 20 notes played on it. Whenever I was going to use it on a song I first turned the volume down and press a couple octaves of keys all at once. Fortunately I don’t flip through song parts mid-song. All my songs are set up with everything they need from the start for the entire song. I would not call our songs nor my playing style “intricate”, lol! Mr Ray22 is my favorite VST, believe it or not. I thought it was just ok for a freebie until I started messing with and assigning controls for the various parameters. I would not want to be without it. Mr Ray, Pianoteq, and NI’s B4 I & II were the only VSTs I first loaded on C3 while demoing it. Had no crash issues for several weeks (a few minor issues but probably user or equipment error). It was not until I added TalVocoder that I had my first crash. Removing it from a linked rack and just putting it on the only song that uses it seemed to solve this tho Brad doesn’t think that should have made a difference. Late in the game I added Kontakt with only Soniculture’s Clavinet loaded. Has been a complete crashfest ever since despite removing Kontakt and Talvocoder. I have deleted old set lists deleted the racks and songs that contained them, and I mean deleted from my computer completely not just from C3. One of them must have left a corrupt file somewhere.
Sorry, this was a long story just to convey that I doubt Mr Ray is the culprit. Who knows tho.