Can I use Web interface to display Media Player waveform and position?

Is there a way I can I allow other players to see the Media Player waveform timeline on the Web interface? Or even a display of current bar number?

At the moment a couple of players are straining their eyes across the stage to see my laptop so they know where they are in the song! A couple of iPads with a waveform display would solve this.

I’ve given it a quick try, but all I see are pages for Setlist, States and Notes.

Also, can I lock the display so that nothing can be activated?? I definitely do not want anyone being able to accidentally press anything on that page!!!

The Cantabile Network Server has a small API - perhaps it could be set to read-only access?

You would have to connect your laptop to a WiFi Access Point so the tablets/phones can connect. That would be as simple has bringing a small WiFi router to the gig.

C3 Network Server

Actually … most W10 PCs can serve as a hotspot. I use an Andoird tablet to control Cantabile - no wifi router needed! (and no local Wifi needed either!!!) - works really well on my noname laptop.