Can I "split keyboard" differently for each song?

Newbie here,
Can I “split keyboard” differently for each song?
In other words, can I save a song with the split keyboard then load the next song with a different split keyboard?
I hope I asked that right.

That’s the question.

Welcome to Cantabile. Yes, every song can have keyboard splits anyway you want it. Bring the keyboard input to two (or more) VSTi’s and either set a key range for each route of use midi filters on the route to send a key range to each VST. When the song is saved, those key splits are saved and recalled with the song. When the next song is loaded, its particular key splits load with it which are independent of the previous song. Click on the route and you can also show the keyrange on the onscreen keyboard in a different color. Below, the OP-X is red and the MG-1 is Teal. Learn function makes splitting the keyboard easy, too.

I never do a split on the keyboard/controller proper or ever change a keyboard midi channel or octave of the output. Let Cantabile do those modifications so it’s song-specific and saved with the song. Cantabile’s midi filters can do everything for you on a song by song basis.


Thank you so much for that info. It helps immensely