Can I export midi with the metronome/bpm settings as well?

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is it possible to export midi files with the bpm/metronome setting that you used when recording with the metronome?

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No, this can not be done with Cantabile, it always records MIDI at 120 BPM as far as I know. @brad the developer could give a more accurate answer I think. A MIDI editor like Sekaiju can do it by editing the event list Tempo setting. So if you got the tempo you want on play back in Cantabile you could enter that tempo into the original MIDI file or a copy of it using Sekaiju and then distribute. If you need assistance with Sekaiju let me know.



Hi @stevemartin

I think you’re after this option - Tools → Options → Recording → File Format → MIDI Time Format.

In the musical modes, it will record using timing information of the metronome including tempo and time signature. The difference between the two modes:

  • Absolute - the events are time stamped to match exactly the current time position of the metronome. If you start recording at bar 4, there will be 4 bars of silence at the start of the recording.

  • Relative - the events are time stamps relative to when you start the recorder (ie: there wouldn’t be 4 bars of silence).


Thank you Brad and Dave for your replies. I really appreciate this.I’ll look at what you specify and see if I can work with what you have provided me. I really like recording in Cantabile, as it’s very direct and fast. I then open the midi up in cubase to edit it if I want to. But the tempo is always at 120, so if I can change bpm so it matches my performance, when I open it up in Cubase, the quantization will be much easier to do.



Hi Brad, thanks again for your reply.
So If I choose the Musical relative one, and pick the tempo of the metronome for play back, and then record the midi file from the keyboard, when I open the midi file in cubase, it will be in the same time signature, and tempo bpm that I performed it using Cantabile?

Hi Steve,

After Brad enlightened me on this and I tested the Recording function some more, both the Musical Relative & Absolute do export the tempo of Cantabile to the recorded file.


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Thanks Dave for your reply,

I think the problem is that my cantabile version is possibly different from the one you are using, as it’s the one that came free to me when buying Synthogy Grand Piano’s. I could see the visual difference between his screen shot and what I saw a similar place on my software, and it was easily different, and I realized that my thought that they were both different versions of the same software was possibly correct.

Hi Steve,

I didn’t know that you were using that version. Is it Cantabile 2 in that rendition? I think that for you to have this capability you would need at least the Cantabile 3 or 4 Solo version.


Hi Dave,

it says Cantabile on my standalone version interface. However, I’m downloading an update now, so I’ll see how I go.

I’m just having difficulty with the Synthogy Ivory update, which must have the Cantabile update with it, as that is what Synthogy advised me to do. However, I’ve just contacted their support as I’m getting a message when I unzip the file, and restart my pc. The unzipping just takes me round in circles. I’ll let you know how I go.

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Regarding Ivory Cantabile:

  • Ivory 2 includes a rebranded version of Cantabile 2.
  • Ivory 3 includes a rebranded version of Cantabile 4.


Hi Brad,

good news, Synthogy have got back to me with instructions on how to get the update working.

Thanks again for your help. I’ll let you know how I go once I try setting it again.