Can I do that with Cantabile?


Look at this video at 19:06:

In this video the instruments are mapped on different areas on the keyboard, and some instruments are triggered only on certain velocities.

I want to buy East West Symphonic Orchestra Gold, and that is going to be my goto library for live orchestral sounds.

I already tested the library, and the individual patches are perfectly playable on keyboard, and sound great.

Question is whether I can create such a cool orchestral combi with Cantabile.

I actually want to play the specific piece that played on link I put above, for my self enjoyment; this is a keyboard arrangment for the terrific music from the film Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves, by the great late composer Micheal Kamen.



No problem at all here.
Simply create each instrument and go to corresponding midi filter
where you specify which velocitiy will fire the instrument:
(Midi filter - Add item - Velocity Gate)

Also there is another useful feature of “gating” instrument via CC:
check the “Edit midi Route - > Condition -> Only route when CC:” flag and specify parameters below

kind regards