Can I declare my own Functions in Show Notes?

Can I somehow provide my own function in a Show Notes entry?

I’ve got an uber-repetitive Show Notes entry that could really benefit if I could encapsulate some of the repetition:

======= Mix =======  ======= Pan =======  ====== Verb =======  == Gen ==
Mus1 Mus2 Chat Play  Pmu1 Pmu2 PanC PanP  Rmu1 Rmu2 RevC RevP  gPan gFX
$(cc(004,16)<1?"x":".")$(formatNumber(cc(005,16),"000")) $(cc(006,16)<1?"x":".")$(formatNumber(cc(007,16),"000")) $(cc(000,16)<1?"x":".")$(formatNumber(cc(001,16),"000")) $(cc(002,16)<1?"x":".")$(formatNumber(cc(003,16),"000"))   $(formatNumber(cc(098,16),"000"))  $(formatNumber(cc(099,16),"000"))  $(formatNumber(cc(96,16),"000"))  $(formatNumber(cc(97,16),"000"))  $(cc(012,16)<1?"x":".")$(formatNumber(cc(013,16),"000")) $(cc(014,16)<1?"x":".")$(formatNumber(cc(015,16),"000")) $(cc(008,16)<1?"x":".")$(formatNumber(cc(009,16),"000")) $(cc(010,16)<1?"x":".")$(formatNumber(cc(011,16),"000"))   $(formatNumber(cc(104,16),"000"))  $(formatNumber(cc(017,16),"000"))
Mus3 Mus4 Mic2 Mic3  Pmu3 Pmu4 Pan2 Pan3            Rev2 Rev3  B.Sw B.Hw
$(cc(042,16)<1?"x":".")$(formatNumber(cc(043,16),"000")) $(cc(044,16)<1?"x":".")$(formatNumber(cc(045,16),"000")) $(cc(059,16)<1?"x":".")$(formatNumber(cc(060,16),"000")) $(cc(061,16)<1?"x":".")$(formatNumber(cc(062,16),"000"))   $(formatNumber(cc(100,16),"000"))  $(formatNumber(cc(101,16),"000"))  $(formatNumber(cc(108,16),"000"))  $(formatNumber(cc(109,16),"000"))            $(cc(090,16)<1?"x":".")$(formatNumber(cc(091,16),"000")) $(cc(073,16)<1?"x":".")$(formatNumber(cc(074,16),"000"))  $(formatNumber(cc(015,16),"000"))   $(formatNumber(cc(025,16),"000"))  $(formatNumber(cc(027,16),"000"))
Mus5 Mus6            Pmu5 Pmu6      gPan  Rex1 Rex2 Rex3       RevC HMon
$(cc(046,16)<1?"x":".")$(formatNumber(cc(047,16),"000")) $(cc(048,16)<1?"x":".")$(formatNumber(cc(049,16),"000"))             $(formatNumber(cc(102,16),"000"))  $(formatNumber(cc(103,16),"000"))  $(formatNumber(cc(000,16),"   "))  $(formatNumber(cc(104,16),"000"))   $(cc(081,16)<1?"x":".")$(formatNumber(cc(082,16),"000")) $(cc(083,16)<1?"x":".")$(formatNumber(cc(084,16),"000")) $(cc(086,16)<1?"x":".")$(formatNumber(cc(087,16),"000"))       $(formatNumber(cc(009,16),"000"))  $(formatNumber(cc(077,16),"000"))
Ext1 Ext2 Ext3       Pex1 Pex2 Pex3       Lex1 Lex2 Lex3 Lmu2  Mon  Main
$(cc(063,16)<1?"x":".")$(formatNumber(cc(064,16),"000")) $(cc(067,16)<1?"x":".")$(formatNumber(cc(068,16),"000")) $(cc(069,16)<1?"x":".")$(formatNumber(cc(070,16),"000")) $(cc(000,16)<1?" ":" ")$(formatNumber(cc(000,16),"   "))   $(formatNumber(cc(105,16),"000"))  $(formatNumber(cc(106,16),"000"))  $(formatNumber(cc(107,16),"000"))  $(formatNumber(cc(000,16),"   "))   $(formatNumber(cc(082,16),"000"))  $(formatNumber(cc(085,16),"000"))  $(formatNumber(cc(035,16),"000"))  $(formatNumber(cc(036,16),"000"))   $(formatNumber(cc(029,16),"000"))  $(formatNumber(cc(031,16),"000"))
MIDI M1:  $(formatNumber(cc(041,16),"000")) $(formatMidiNote(cc(041,16)))
Pitch M1: $(formatNumber(cc(032,16),"000")) $(formatMidiNote(cc(032,16)))

Would love to know how it does what ever it does :grinning:

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It’s a detailed status display of all my ports.

The Show Notes is in the upper part of the image below. The Controller Bar is at the bottom, showing the important things. I occasionally need to see all the internal details, sorta like debugging.

The various sections map onto the 4x4 grid of endless encoders in four different groups on my Faderfox EC4.

The “.” indicates an open port, “x” indicates mute. The number are simply the 0-127 MIDI status of that control. I have:

  • a “Chat” and “Play” ports (typically a single microphone, routed through different FX),
  • Mus1 thorough 6, for different instruments played simultaneously (think of a harmonizer outputting to 4 plugins going out 4 of those Mus ports),
  • An Ext1 hardware input for external synths,
  • Two mics (Mic3 and Mic3) and two additional externals (Ext2 and Ext3) for other band members who might want to go through my rig.

Each port has Main level, Pan, Reverb level, and Reverb Length (the Lmu1, Lmu2, … controls).

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OK, that’s by far the most brutal abuse of the Show Notes page and of Cantabile’s expressions I’ve seen so far :rofl:

I’m extremely impressed…


Unfortunately, no functions in expressions/variables.

You guys keep bending Cantabile it wasn’t meant to. :slight_smile:


While the bending continues, I am noticing the need to add two large monitors on my rig to see everything now available. :roll_eyes:

BTW…who really needs to watch all this while performing? :laughing: